Instructions for Submissions

Publication Schedule and Submission Deadlines

The publication schedule and corresponding deadline for submissions are:

Issue 1 - Published February - deadline for submission: December 15
Issue 2 - Published May - deadline for submission: March 15
Issue 3 - Published August - deadline for submission: June 15
Issue 4 - Published November - deadline for submission: September 15


Articles should have a maximum of 2500 words, 3 figures, photos, or tables, and 10 references. They do not have a separate abstract or introduction, and thus the first paragraph should contain a synopsis of the subject and the major points; the remaining text then fills in the details. In other words, they are written in more of a newspaper or magazine format, meaning that they simply have to make their points in a concise fashion. Since all of the submission and review process is done electronically, articles must be submitted by email (to as attached Word documents, with double line spacing, and content in the following order: title, authors and affiliations (addresses and email), text, references, tables, and figure captions. Figures or photographs can be in color and should be included as separate attachments. Final, accepted versions must be in TIF format (CMYK), but figures for review can be in PDF format. References should be cited using the (author, date) convention and follow the L&O style. You may also suggest potential reviewers for your article (2 are used). Authors of published Bulletin articles will receive at no charge an Adobe pdf file of their published article for the distribution of reprints.


Letters to the Bulletin should have a maximum of 500 words and can include 2-3 references. They should be submitted by email to as attached Word documents. They will be reviewed by the Editors, and if they are comments on an Article, the authors will be able to respond as desired.


ASLO News items should be submitted to the Editor via email ( as attached Word documents.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin Editors.

Adrienne Sponberg
ASLO Public Affairs Director

John Dolan
Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche


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