Limnology and Oceanography e-Books

L&O e-Books is ASLO’s latest publication, designed to offer aquatic scientists an outlet for high quality electronic books. We provide full publication services including peer review, editorial guidance, distribution and marketing. We solicit proposals from authors and symposium/workshop conveners for aquatic science texts or proceedings of interest to ASLO members and the academic and aquatic science communities at large.

Three targeted projects are also under development:

  1. Topical bundles of L&O articles selected and introduced by an expert in the field. These will consist of collections of 10-12 articles on a topic of current interest. Each collection will include an introduction and brief history of the field with a synthetic overview as it relates to emerging issues in aquatic sciences – for example: The effects of acidification in freshwaters and its relevance for marine systems.

  2. Short topical books (100-150 pages) 
    We solicit proposals from ASLO scientists for e-books that would be longer than a journal article but shorter than a traditional book. The e-book format is ideally suited to these short books.

  3. Limnology and Oceanography Biographies
    ASLO awards are named for respected colleagues whose accomplishments in the fields of Limnology and Oceanography are relevant to the award. Three award biographies of have been published in the Bulletin. They are also being made available as e-Books. We also solicit proposals from authors who wish to publish the biography of a respected limnologist or oceanographer.


Eco-DAS IX L&O e-Books is proud to announce the latest publication in the exciting Eco-DAS Symposium Series: Eco-DAS IX Symposium Proceedings edited by Symposium organizer Dr. Paul Kemp.